Sheriff Trademark


Our work-products enable clients to clear, cancel, oppose, defend, acquire, or recover trademarks or domain names. Whether your client potentially infringes the rights of others or your client has identified a potential infringement of its own rights, our IP investigators use their experience to solve and resolve your most pressing needs worldwide: logically, methodically, and lawfully.

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Annonymous IP


Clients appreciate the value added by our ability to minimize expenses, risks, and exposures through decades of experience managing the negotiation, escrow, disbursement, and transfer and assignment processes; by our diplomatic persistence; and by our unique ability to predict asking prices that can render worthless others’ appraisals.

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Across almost three decades, Ross Bulla, our founder and president, has developed distinctive competence for true insight and well-articulated confidence that enables public and private sector policymakers and stakeholders to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from an evolving global terror threat, including violent extremism and coordinated, mass-casualty hostile events.

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