The collective experience shared by our team of experts allows us to minimize the costs, risks, and delays that often come with acquiring trademarks, patents, domain names, and social media handles. Why does this matter? Because the more obstacles we can remove, the less uncertainty exists for you and your clients. Whether as the basis of an affirmative defense or during the eleventh hour of a brand launch, over twenty years of experience negotiating and acquiring IP rights uniquely positions Treadstone Group as the most-relied-upon authority. Yes, we are known for cross-cultural familiarity and tactics based on an understanding of human cognition and neuropsychology, but our success is always grounded in diplomatic persistence, empathy, and simply trusting our gut instincts.

Why the anonymity? To prevent price gouging and keep secret your clients’ marketing plans from the sellers and the public. In fact, Treadstone Group acts as the initial assignee and facilitates all aspects of the acquisition—from valuation to negotiation, escrow, and assignment of rights. Your secret is our secret.