We are renown for our GENUINE expertise, attained through decades of delivering consistently superior performance and successful results.

As a business owner, I get frustrated trying to decide which product to choose, because I might not understand its value or features. On occasion I pick the first one that ‘feels’ right and forego getting the perfect product. When I finally get to that point when I can’t take it any longer, I dread (and fear) change.

Because you are visiting our website, there is a distinct possibility that you are considering changing vendors. You’ve done thorough research. You’ve likely asked for referrals from colleagues. Now, though, you wonder what will happen if we disappoint. You might be afraid. I am certain that your current vendor was a good choice, because there are many credible companies that do what we do. After all, there are no monopolies in the investigation and acquisition fields. I recognize that. What if I told you that I will add value to the services that you provide to your clients? Or that our early involvement can mitigate the ethical and liability risks to a law firm or brand owner?

These days, everyone claims to be an expert, but most are expert only at explaining why they make mistakes. Because we have negotiated the acquisition of thousands of domain names and hundreds of trademarks and social media handles, and managed countless physical and virtual trademark investigations spanning the globe, we have genuine expertise to solve and resolve your most-pressing IP concerns anywhere in the world that you operate.

Please call me, so that we may discuss your expectations, concerns, and hesitation. I’m available at (704) 489-8663.


Ross D. Bulla