“Treadstone is my go-to resource for trademark investigations and acquisitions as well as domain name deals. Ross and his team are delightful to work with and I have had very good results. Use one of their competitors at your own risk!”

“Around here, Ross and his team are known as ‘miracle workers,’ for pulling off last-minute trademark and domain name acquisitions that have saved our clients from litigation, the need to rebrand, or worse. Ross, as the head of the team, is just fantastic and extremely responsive even under the tightest of deadlines. My holiday gift recipient list: Treadstone Group, wife, children, siblings… Yes, in that order. Thanks, Treadstone.”

“… Ross, if you intend on playing any background music at the [virtual] exhibit, I suggest ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner – because you are!!!”

“Treadstone is my best source of accurate, timely and affordable information on trademark use. Treadstone has a unique ability to use the Web and social media to find pertinent public data that is critical to cost-effective litigation.”